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MEDITATION SPRAY Relax and unwind The aroma of neroli, bergamot, lavender and rosewater will transport you to a state of serenity.This versatile spray acts as an all over face and body moisturiser that quickly absorbs into the skin.This perfect pick me up to brighten your day  To use: Any time of day and night.SHAKE ME AND SPRAY MESpray onto your pulse and pressure points to allow the scent to calm and revitalise you. A little will go a long way, your face will love this hydrating balancing mist.For a restful sleep, simply spray your pillow before bed time. I have so many parents telling me how well children respond to the aroma , aids restful sleep. “ My 4 year old asks for the Magic spray every night and says ahhh mummy smells like sunshine” Definitely a winner !! Thank you Lula x  SHAKE ME - SPRAY ME  (for a refreshing experience keep refridgerated)INGREDIENT: Rose water. Oils of neroli, bergamot, lavender. Made with love &. care. FREE OFF  Parabens. Petrochemicals. Synthetic fragrances and animal testing.Made in Australia 50ml , 125ml, 250mlStore below 21’


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