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Relaxing Massage



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A beautiful space to unwind. Relaxation massage using the power of  aromatherapy to help you escape and revive. With over 30 years of experience. A mix of Swedish, lymphatic drainage, cupping, Gua-sha , hot stones treatments including pregnancy massage  available .A truly restorative experience. Herbal tea to welcome you and fresh fruit smoothie to finish. A unique spa experience Lula is a caring, intuitive therapist.

Massage, including hot stone massage, has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Endorphins and other feel-good hormones are released. The power of touch working on energy points and meridians is healing to our mind and body.

Back, head, neck, shoulder ,migraine and tension relief.                                            $80.00

Tailor your time to your bodies needs as with the 30 min massage.                        $105.00

Full body or target areas include                                                                                     $120.00

Perfect amount of time to feel like you have enjoyed a mini break.                         $165.00

60 MIN CUPPING MASSAGE (Chinese cupping)
Helps with inflammation blood flow and relaxation.                                                  $140.00

90 MIN CUPPING MASSAGE (Chinese cupping)
As above work deep into muscles helping well-being.                                                $190.00



Prices are as above, please mention you are pregnant when booking.

90 mins is recommended. 

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE    Pure bliss for 60 mins , as you sit in a supportive chair and feel the tension in your head, neck and shoulders melt away.                                                 $120.00 

The weight and warmth of these smooth stones help massage away tension making  this a truly unique and nurturing experience                                                                                    $185.00



A combination of massage, vacuum suction and Gua- sha lymphatic drainage movements. Helping to break down unwanted fatty deposits. 

Weekly treatments and home care is advised for best results.                       

The lymphatic system, intimately connected to our overall health and well-being, plays a crucial role in maintaining the body's fluid balance and immune function.

May help with Lymphedema

Aid fluid retention &  weight loss, body sculpting & toning.


90 MIN FULL BODY    Recommended for overall

fluid retention, body sculpting, post surgery recovery. aid weight loss journey.            $190.00                                                                           



This time allows for 2 areas. legs/bottom/tummy/back                                                        $140.00


During pregnancy, a woman's body undergoes remarkable changes, both hormonally and physically. These changes can impact the lymphatic system, leading to an accumulation of fluid and potential swelling in various areas, including the legs and feet. Lymphatic drainage, a gentle massage technique, aims to stimulate the movement of lymph fluid, assisting in reducing swelling and improving overall circulation. Moreover, it has been suggested that lymphatic drainage postpartum may also have benefits for milk supply and body recovery.

A safe, relaxing therapy.

Highly recommend. A lovely gift to give expectant mums.                                                $190.00 




Warm Coffee scrub massage followed by a combination of massage, vacuum suction and Gua- sha lymphatic drainage movements. Helping to break down unwanted fatty deposits. 

Weekly treatments and home care is advised for best results.                                            $195.00                                                                                                       


A truly wonderful therapy, includes pressure point  and drainage face and head massage. Sinus and congestion relief.                                                                                                                      $60.00 


60 MIN REFLEXOLOGY  Includes Lavender salt scrub, pressure point reflexology massage & paraffin wax bath . This has to be experienced if you love a good foot massage!                         $105.00





I'd like to share a story about my day. Today I finally had a massage and facial with Lula who I met through the KGKN. I have a small baby so naturally my spine is fighting for survival like poorly constructed scaffolding on a windy day and my face looks like Rachel Green's inside-out cat. I plodded my way there on my bike. I was riding slow on account of the bags under my eyes dragging along JJ Holland. A flock of birds panicked. I sneezed and a kid fell off his bike in China. Gloomy. I got to Lula's salon. The first thing I noticed were the fish in the tank. They gazed at me lovingly while singing When Doves Cry in unison. I popped up on the therapy table. Lula said "if this gets uncomfortable just focus on your breath". Uncomfortable? Uncomfortable is 2am when you feel like your co-sleeping baby has been swapped out for Sweetheart the 5.1m saltwater monster. This was bliss. This was bliss like when you discover 1565 are on uber-eats. The head massage alone made me wonder if this was what Lindt white chocolate administered intravenously at twice the recommended amount for age and body weight might feel like. I wondered if when i got home to breastfeed, my milk would be rainbow. She found the tight spot in my back and behaved like I did at the breadbasket once the Atkins phase was over: she worked it until there was nothing left. Then the facial. Lula explained the process involved but by this time I could hear no sound. All I could hear were colours. Every colour in the spectrum and 14.5 more. She literally opened her mouth and a Darwin sunset at the Ski Club tumbled out. The fish were doing harmonies that would make Boyz II Men weep at sunrise. Even Lula's toenails were in shiny green polish and whispered to me "babe the grass IS greener on the other side and you are on the other side babe". Then it was time to go home. I cruised home on my bike which was hard because I was leaving a trail of fairy floss and the fingers of my hands had inexplicably formed into two peace signs. I said hello to my husband in fluent Unicorn. My face was smoother than Jamie Foxx and Jamie Foxx knew it. That was that. I hope your day was as good as mine


Mums to be in Kensington can I have your attention!! I have just come back from the most incredible massage with Lula I'm 7 1/2 months pregnant and she does the most amazing therapy. I was propped slightly on my side with a pillow under bub and I was so comfortable I almost fell asleep before she began. Her oils are all organic and she know which ones are safe. She also knows exactly the right amount of pressure!! I'm sure this post could be more eloquently written but my brain is mushy with relaxation. I feel so refreshed , alive, awake and completely at peace! She may actually have super powers... Treat yourself honestly she takes care of you and bub. XXX

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