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Clarity & Light Organic Beauty Room

only uses high grade hypoallergenic  wax suitable

for even the most sensitive skin types. 



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EYEBROW WAX/SHAPE                 $30.00


EYEBROW MAINTENANCE           $20.00


LIP WAX                                            $15.00


CHIN WAX                                        $17.00


FULL LEG                                          $55.00


HALF LEG                                          $35.00 


UNDERARM                                      $25.00


BIKINI                                                $30.00


G-STRING                                          $45.00


BRAZILLIAN                                      $60.00




HALF ARM                                         $35.00


FULL ARM                                          $45.00  


CHEST                                                  $50.00


BACK                                                   $50.00

EYE LASH TINT                                 $25.00

EYEBROW TINT                                $20.00


Jo R

Omg this adorable lady Lula did my waxing today but it felt so much more than just waxing. I felt so special with the beautiful drink Lula made for me to the warm wrap I had around my shoulders and on my back I was totally relaxed and tingled all afternoon. I'm going back for a massage on Saturday I really think I'll be able to fly home if I felt that great after waxing I can only imagine how I'll feel after a massage. Thank you so much Lula

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Eyebrow Wax
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