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Head 2 Toe  
For every day ailments, night balm, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, burns, bites, cracked heals and much more.

Ingredients: The healing power of olive, soy, peanut oil, beeswax,. Essential oils of immortelle, chamomile, rose, rosehip, lavender. Grapeseed extract.
Works well as a make up primer on dry or dehydrated skin.

Made with love & care
Parabens. Petrochemicals. Synthetic fragrances and animal testing.

Made in Australia 
Store below 21’


  • To treat any skin concerns use as frequently as possible as balm will create a soothing barrier and encourage faster healing (pic from a testomoial from a psoriasis suffer)
    Yellow flowers picure of the incredible immortelle flower the perfect synergy and healing combination to this rich wound healing combination.
    As a make-up primer or night balm massage small amount over face and neck.
    20ml, 30ml, 70ml.

  • I would highly recommend Lulas' Top to Toe Balm!!!

    'My husband has had gout for the last couple of weeks in his left foot. He was unable to wear closed shoes due to the pain and had to resort to wearing thongs. This resulted in him ending up with painful, bleeding, cracked heels. He asked if I had anything to help. Luckily I had some balm left for him to use. He applied it at night directly to the heel & covered his foot with a sock to sleep. After a few days, the deep cracks had diminished with no bleeding & have just about returned to normal. Top to Toe Balm is a permanent favourite in our household!!!!'  Louise 


    'This fabulous balm has changed my life! I suffer from dry skin and Eczema and by applying this everyday under my makeup and at night I have seen amazing results in my skin. It has cleared up the Eczema on my chin and my breakouts are smoother and less painful. My skin always feels amazing and glows thanks to Lula’s amazing creation! I recommend this product to anyone looking for a light-weight alternative to a primer or moisturiser. I’ve even got my best friend hooked who suffers from Eczema. She now swears by the product as the Eczema on her hands has all cleared! Thanks Lula, your beautiful and natural products are truly life changeing.' Stephanie


    'I wouldn’t have believed it but Head 2 Toe is a huge healing miracle in a tiny jar. Three days ago, much to my horror, I had a nasty red dry crack between my toes. You know the ones that your nana gets � !! and now ALL GONE . Thanks Lula for this product. I thought my feet were destined to the nursing home. ' Dianne 


    'LOVE my Clarity and Light 'Head 2 Toe' balm! It's amazing. I suffer from psoriasis and this balm is the only one that take the itchiness away immediately leaving my skin nice and calm.

    Thank you Lula for this amazing product'  Titi 


    'Hi Lula - here are some pics of my hands before and after the balm.

    Thanks again for creating this product - I love it! When I put it on my hands, I can feel it healing the tiny cracks and relieving the soreness. Consistency is key and a little bit of balm goes a long way. I like that it absorbs well as I don't like my hands to feel like they have a coating/film on them.

    This is the best my hands have looked and felt in 6 winters. I've recommended the balm to my mum and will be sending a pot to my aunt overseas.

    Thanks again for a great product.' Marta x


    'Dear Lula, Thankyou for all your nurturing and pampering on Thursday.Your magic balm is an essential part of my daily routine. When I run out I feel I'm missing something. I have used it faithfully since it's the inception and my skin has never been better. A little pot of Lula magic xx' Donna 


    'If there is one product you need in your beauty cupboard it’s this balm!!! I use it as a sort of serum in morning before I moisturise, I then use it as a night cream, when I’ve had little sleep because of my baby waking up I dab some under my eyes. It makes my skin glow and look healthy and I notice a difference if I go too long without using it. I used it on my scar from my c section and it’s amazing how it healed it! I have given this balm to so many people as gifts. If anyone complains about eczema or skin conditions I recommend it. I just honestly can’t say enough good things about what this balm does. It really should be called magic balm! It sounds so cheesy to say but it’s such an amazing product. Definitely recommend to everyone!' Finella


    'The wonder Balm"This is indeed magic. Used on pimples, exzema, sunburn and even on my daughters hot water burn to help speed up healing.It has helped with everything..even my wrinklesNever disappoints..Fab Multi purpose product..' Danielle


    What an amazing product Lula!

    'I have been using it to treat the dryness in the corners of my eyes & after one day I could see a big difference & after less than a week the dryness was completely gone!Also the winter sniffles have taken down my 11 month old & dripping snot + wiping with a tissue had left his upper lip a little raw  I popped some balm on as a healing barrier & it cleared the irritation right up! Thanks Lula, you are amazing! xo'



    'I love love love this balm. I have suffered from rosacea all my life and following a consistent skincare using Clarity and Light products is central to managing my condition. I use it every night underneath Lula’s Timeless night cream and wake up with a soft, fresh rested complexion. Love it' Lisa


    'I have been using head 2 toe balm on my baby daughter’s chicken pox scar which was quite prominent and in the middle of her forehead. Massaging a little balm onto it every now and then has improved it dramatically. It is barely noticeable now. I find it’s also brilliant for reducing pigmentation on my face ' Melanie


    'As you may know/heard, pregnancy throws your hormones all over the place and both time with each pregnancies I got dermatitis. I have used sooooo many cream/lotions prescribed by doctors and bought over the counter and nothing worked. My dermatitis on my fingers got so bad that they will crack and bleed but guess what?! Not any more thanks to HEAD 2 TOE balm. This balm is a life saver and I couldnt believe the improvement in just 3 days. It amazes me how talented Lula is to create such an amazing skin care line. She truly is an angel. The photo below is taken after 5 days of applying the balm once a day. Everyone get onto this balm. I also use it as a night cream and a primer before applying my make up' Aneta 


    'Our little pot of magic!  From a snore nose to itchy toes,

    For every scratch and every graze!

    This balm has been the best thing for my mummy kit. I have one in every bag!

    We use it for my little ones eczema and every type of skin irritation. It works so well that even my child prescribes it to everyone!

    It nourishes the skin so well and amazes me that even the sorest looking skin can heel so well so quickly and has reduced the chances of scarring.' Mandalena





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