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A beautiful balm suitable for nursing mumma's, babies, children.

A beautiful balm for face and body.


  • Lavender is a natural antioxidant, 
  • Improves Mood and Reduces Stress. 
  • Traditionally lavender has been used to treat neurological issues like migraines, stress, anxiety and depression with sedative and calming properties.
  • Helps aid with healing of cuts, burns and abrations.
  • Widely known for its antimicrobial properties, for centuries lavender oil has been used to prevent various infections and combat bacterial and fungal disorders. 
  • Dry/sensitive irritated skin feels soothed and protected.
  • Combined with complimentary oils rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants.
  • Protects skin moisture using 100% natural ingredients.
  • Both shea-butter and cocoa-butter are rich and moisturising.
  • Improves elasticity. 
  • Promotes collagen production.
  • Shea butter is a good source of vitamin A and E (anti-inflammatory and repairs damaged skin)
  • Coco-butter contains cocoa mass polyphenol(CMP) which eases dermatitis, dry, sensitive irritated skin.


To Use: Massage into your pulse points and pressure points. 

Soles of feet and chest at bed time. A  little will go a long way.

There are specific pressure points to aid sleep, reduce stress and anxiety. (video will be added soon)  Lavender balm can also be applied to face, temples, back of neck, chest, inside elbows, inside wrists and back of knees  and soles of feet for the best results helping to calm and soothe nervous energy.


Using your spatula take an appropriate amount, warm in palm of hands and massage deeply into skin. For any affected areas use regularly to help promote healing.

Ingredients: Cocoa-butter, Shea-butter (organic), hempseed (organic), olive, almond, soy, Peanut oil, and beeswax. Essential oils  French lavender (organic) 


Made with love & care.

Parabens. Petrochemicals. parabens, sulphates and fragrances and animal testing.

Made in Australia 100ml
Store below 21’


Complimentary products: Love Lavender Bath & Shower Gel / Love Lavender body scrub & bath salts / Muscle Reviver body scrub & bath salts. Improving Magnesium naturally helps immunity and resilience to anxiety, emotional stress and muscle related tention.


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