Melt away joint aches, pains and inflammation.

Eases sunburn, insect bites and encourages restful sleep 💤

This soothing bath and body scrub will have you feeling relaxed from neck to toe with the therapeutic benefits of Himalayan rock salt, raw sugar and lavender essential oils.

For the BATH, just sprinkle a good handful of the salt mixture under running water 💦 🛀

For a SCRUB, make a paste with 2tbs of the salt mixture in a small bowl with 2 pumps of our Lavender Shower Gel and 1tbs of water, now the fun begins! Wet your body under a shower. Get out and massage with circular motion from feet to neck. Get ready it tingles... and smells incredible. Then rinse.

For best results follow with our Lavender Hand and Body Lotion or our Anxiety Balm.

Now go and relax please, preferably with a meditation 🧘

Keep your magnesium levels topped with regular foot soaks.




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