SENSITIVE, SUNDAMAGED, REACTIVE SKIN (helps with high colouring)
Now we have our complete day routine organised, lets give our skin a drip feed, as our body rests and rejuvenates this cream works with the body's natural rhythm to do the for your skin.
Timeless Night Cream A luxurious texture that drip feeds the skin while you sleep. helps dehyrated skin caused by toxins, enviornmental stress and pollution, allows our skin a chance to recover, and build our defence by helping to maintain and lock moisture, releasing the activity of plant, coco butter and pure essential oils designed to give you
maximum therapeutic beneficial results for soft, smooth,toned, plump, silky, healthy skin,helps to prevent moisture evaporating. It works a treat!
Rich in Vitamin E

Timeless Night Cream for Sensitive skin

  • Vitamin E is well recognised as an antioxidant, and can help to protect the skin from toxins such as air pollution and ultraviolet radiation. Its antioxidant properties mean it enhances immune system functioning, and helps to fight free radicals. Vitamin E is commonly used as a treatment for scars, thanks to its ability to aid the skin’s natural healing process.

    contains: olive oil, soy oil, coco-butter,emulsyfying wax, wheatgerm oil, hempseed oil, avocardo oil, bees wax, vegetable glycerin, oils of rose damascena, chamomile, lavender and the anti-ageing healing power of grapeseed extract.
    Store below 30'c.
    AUSTRALIA $56.00
    UK £22.50

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